Nikki Sylianteng

I'm an inventive product designer obsessed with solving problems and helping people. You might know me from my parking sign redesign project To Park or Not to Park?. Recently, I was Senior Product Designer at Kinetic, a startup building a wearable safety device for factory workers. Before that, I led design for a location-based park alert app at Sidewalk Labs. Read more here!

To Park or Not to Park?

Rethinking the parking sign

A guerrilla project to redesign the confusing parking sign. Collaborated with drivers, city officials, and the colorblind community. Created kits, maps, templates, and a parking sign generator. Piloted in Los Angeles, New Haven, Boston, and Brisbane. Studies showed up to a 60% improvement.

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Designing for the stories behind the data

Kinetic is an early stage startup building a safety wearable for factory workers. As the first product designer, I transformed the company's approach to product design into one that was more human, iterative, collaborative, and strategic. This resulted in a 60% increase in worker engagement.

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Park Time

Bringing neighbors back to neighborhoods

At Sidewalk Labs, I designed a park alert app for neighbors. I worked closely with engineers and city operations to scope, prototype, and test the tool with families in downtown Chicago. Read about it on the Sidewalk blog.

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PlowNYC Proposal

Data visualization redesign of NYC’s snow plow tracker

PlowNYC is a map-based snow plow tracking tool by the City of New York that shows when your street was last plowed. I designed and iterated on a small but significant tweak to the way the data was visualized.

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The Story of the ZIP Code

A History of Things zine

A hybrid physical/digital zine about the little known history of the ZIP Code. The History of Things looks back at when old ideas were new, what challenges they faced, and how they evolved into everyday things. These stories of invention, iteration, and paradigm shifts will change the way you look at the world. It will make you question what is, what should be, and give you ideas for pushing your own ideas forward.

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