Nikki Sylianteng

I'm an inventive public service product designer obsessed with solving problems and helping people. You might know me from To Park or Not to Park?, where I redesigned the parking sign to save drivers from getting a ticket. I'm drawn to overlooked everyday things, bottom-up approaches, and designing tools and systems for people who have work to do. My ultimate goal is to take things from -1 to +1. Read more here!

To Park or Not to Park?

Rethinking the parking sign

A guerrilla project to redesign the confusing parking sign. Collaborated with drivers, city officials, and the colorblind community. Created kits, maps, templates, and a parking sign generator. Piloted in Los Angeles, New Haven, Boston, and Brisbane. Studies showed up to a 60% improvement.

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Designing for the stories behind the data

Kinetic is an early stage startup building a safety wearable for factory workers. As the first product designer, I transformed the company's approach to product design into one that was more human, iterative, collaborative, and strategic. This resulted in a 60% increase in worker engagement.

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Park Time

Bringing neighbors back to neighborhoods

At Sidewalk Labs, I designed a location-based park alert app for neighbors. I worked closely with engineers and city operations to scope, prototype, and test the tool with families in downtown Chicago. Read about it on the Sidewalk blog.

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