Nikki Sylianteng

Personal Projects

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They are two parts of a whole. It is not two jobs at rests the man when the other fatigues him.
—William Carlos Williams, Jewish poet-doctor, from Does Having a Day Job Mean Making Better Art?

I split my time between personal projects and my day job. Each feeds into the other, both grounding and freeing. This page serves as a low-maintenance archive of my projects.

The Story of The ZIP Code - did you know that the post office had to use a cartoon character named Mr. ZIP to get people to use the ZIP code? The first in a series of The History of Things zines.

REWORK Podcast: Long Time Snacker, First Time Caller - that time I called the 1-800 number on the back of a can of Cheez Curlz

Reading Jane - a pop-up reading club for The Death and Life of Great American Cities
A More Perfect Union - an anti-polarization reading list

City Objects - a catalog of thoughtful design details from around the world
I Put The Healthcare Bill on Medium - why aren't we discussing legislative bills like we do Medium articles?

A Mini Multiverse - a glow-in-the-dark print about personal worlds, finding your people, and what makes reality

Parking Sign Redesign talk at the GEL Conference
Parking Sign Redesign talk at Brooklyn JS
In ____, we call McDonald's ____. - a participatory phone-in project where I ask people from different countries to tell me what they call McDonald's in their country

Parking Sign Redesign

Simple Machines for the Digital Age - devices that look after our well-being
Old People, New Tech - a blog documenting my time as a gerontechnology tutor

eating carefully - video series of me eating carefully
Pig, Bird, and Mailbox - physical passwords for digital things
Feeling Chip - 100% understand each other by downloading each others' feelings