Nikki Sylianteng

Hello! I'm a public service product designer based in Brooklyn, New York.

You might know me from my parking sign redesign project where I saved drivers around the world from getting a parking ticket. I'm currently exploring big tech as a product designer at Meta. Previously, I worked in the civic innovation, logistics, and public safety spaces. In 2021, I served with the United States Digital Response as an NYC[x] Innovation Fellow where I worked with the FDNY Robotics Unit on a pilot project for blood delivery by drone.

The first chapter of my career was about discovering designfirst in the world of interior architecture and then interaction design. The second chapter was about applying myselfbringing design to spaces that needed it; I made a lot of impact and changed the world for the better but I also started to feel my limits. This brings me to my third chapter which is back to learninggetting better at the craft and learning what I can from big tech. My ultimate goal is to bring the best design and technology to spaces that need it.

If you’re looking for something that was once on this page, it's probably in the archives: v1 (2010) and v2 (2013).

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