Nikki Sylianteng

Reading Jane - a pop-up reading club for "The Death and Life of Great American Cities"
A More Perfect Union - an anti-polarization reading list

City Objects - a catalog of thoughtful design details from around the world
I Put The Healthcare Bill on Medium - why aren't we discussing legislative bills like we do Medium articles?

A Mini Multiverse - a glow-in-the-dark print about personal worlds, finding your people, and what makes reality

Parking Sign Redesign talk at the GEL Conference
Parking Sign Redesign talk at Brooklyn JS

Parking Sign Redesign

Simple Machines for the Digital Age - devices that look after our well-being
Old People, New Tech - a blog documenting my time as a gerontechnology tutor

eating carefully - video series of me eating carefully
Pig, Bird, and Mailbox - physical passwords for better recall
Feeling Chip - 100% understand each other by downloading each others' feelings