Nikki Sylianteng

Hello! I'm an inventive product designer based in Brooklyn, New York. I'm obsessed with solving problems and helping people. I design across physical and digital worlds and prototype in radically transparent and collaborative ways.

You might know me from my parking sign redesign project. Recently, I was Senior Product Designer at Kinetic, a startup building a wearable safety device for factory workers. Before that, I worked with Sidewalk Labs on a location-based park alert app for families.

I'm constantly noticing moments of frustration, asking why, what if, then bringing those ideas to life. I'm drawn to overlooked everyday things, bottom-up approaches, and designing tools and systems for how they should work.

I love meeting new people. If you like what you see here, reach out! I'm @nsylianteng on Instagram and Twitter. You can also email me at [email protected]. If you’re looking for something that was once on this page, it might be in the archives: v1 (2010) and v2 (2013).