Nikki Sylianteng

Hello! I'm a public service product designer based in Brooklyn, New York.

You might know me from my parking sign redesign project where I saved drivers around the world from getting a parking ticket. I currently work at Mark43 as a senior product designer designing software for first responders and investigators. In 2021, I served with the United States Digital Response as an NYC[x] Innovation Fellow where I worked with the FDNY Robotics Unit on a pilot project for blood delivery by drone.

If you like what you see here, follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @nsylianteng. You can also email me at [email protected]. If you’re looking for something that was once on this page, it's probably in the archives: v1 (2010) and v2 (2013).

📰 In the news!
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💭 Current thoughts
The first chapter of my career was about discovering design -- first in the world of interior architecture and then interaction design. The second chapter was about applying myself -- bringing design to spaces that needed it; I made a lot of impact and changed the world for the better but I also started to feel my limits. This brings me to my third chapter which is back to learning -- getting better at the craft. My ultimate goal is to bring the best design and technology to spaces that need it.