Nikki Sylianteng

I’m an inventive, people-centered product designer who works on the small things that get to the heart of big problems. A fascination with everyday life explains my work around cities, civics, and local government.

I specialize in prototyping physical/digital interactions and user research -- in other words, making things real as soon as possible and iterating along the way! I split my time between personal projects and freelancing with select clients, most recently with the folks over at Sidewalk Labs. I’m currently exploring longer term engagements and am excited to work with thoughtful, scrappy teams on novel approaches to old and new problems.

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To Park or Not to Park?

Rethinking the parking sign

Why do parking signs have to be so confusing? To answer this question, I started a guerrilla parking sign redesign project done in participation with drivers, city officials, and the colorblind community. To experiment with adoptions, I created parking sign templates, kits, maps, and a parking sign generator. The signs are currently saving drivers in cities like Los Angeles, New Haven, and Boston, among others.

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Sidewalk Labs: Park Time

Bringing neighbors back to neighborhoods

At Sidewalk Labs, we explored how a city might work if physical space possessed the capabilities of the internet. I led design in collaboration with Engineering and City Operations to build and test a park-based neighborhood tool for families in downtown Chicago, with the goal of exploring whether technology could help strengthen local communities by increasing unplanned interactions.

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Reviving a historic neighborhood

I advise and contribute an iterative approach to the design and development of revitalization efforts at Escolta, a historic street in old town Manila. Experiments include the district’s first co-working and event space and a VIP behind-the-scenes building tour.

Other recent projects

If you’re looking for something that was once on this page, check out the archives: v1 and v2.

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