Nikki Sylianteng
      Start small then build up.
      Start by solving one moment.
      Do just enough research to get to a prototype.
      Ask questions through prototypes and pilots.
      Make it as real as possible, don't make me imagine.
      Tell me what's not working.
      Feedback as clues, not directives.
      Function over aesthetics.
      Thoughtful over smart.

To Park or Not to Park?

Rethinking the parking sign

A guerrilla project to redesign the confusing parking sign in collaboration with drivers, city officials, and the colorblind community. Created kits, maps, templates, and now a parking sign generator. Piloted in Los Angeles, New Haven, Boston, and Brisbane. Studies showed a 60% increase in compliance.

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Reviving a historic neighborhood

Contribute an iterative approach to the design and development of revitalization efforts at Escolta, a historic street in old town Manila. Experiments include the district’s first co-working and event space and a VIP behind-the-scenes building tour.