"We're Moving" Letterpress
This is the product of my first ever experience with the age old technique that is letterpress.

My parents had just purchased a house around this time and we were set to move soon, so I decided to use it as the basis of my project.

I'm not a big fan of baseless patterns, but I knew I wanted the cover to have some sort of texture to it. The workshop had large wood number type, so I decided to make use of them as the background image in the arrangement of our house number. I mixed a pale blue, almost gray, ink so the numbers could just float in the background without calling much attention to itself. I ran into a "problem" when I realized the numbers didn't fit the width of the paper provided, but decided to just let them overlap, thinking the outcome might actually be more interesting. This meant I had to do two runs for the house number background instead of just one.

The rest of the card went pretty smoothly. I mixed a bright yellow green for the rest of the text. I found the relatively small metal type tedious to manually set and kern. I also designed and printed a return address label.

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